“Innovative Cluster Simulation Models in Medicine” Rome, Italy

In May 2022, members of the Innovation Cluster Simulation Models in Medicine visited Rome, Italy and held meetings with representatives of the academic staff of Sapienza University of Rome.

The members of the cluster held a meeting with Prof. Gorla and Prof. Maria de Marsico from the Faculty of Computer Science of Sapienza University of Rome, where the possibilities for collaboration and joint work within the framework of the Erasmus+ program between the cluster teams were discussed and the academic staff of the Faculty of Computer Science. Opportunities for joint scientific developments in the field of biometric data and image processing and pattern recognition for the field of precision medicine were discussed between the representatives of the two organizations.

The meetings held in Rome were extremely useful for the future initiatives and activities of the cluster related to international cooperation and participation in joint European project proposals including international level expertise in the field of IT in support of medicine.