“Innovative Cluster Simulation Models in Medicine” Cologne, Germany

In May 2022, members of the Innovation Cluster Simulation Models in Medicine attended the ANGA COM Exhibition and the ANGA COM Conference in Cologne, Germany. More than 170 lecturers, top specialists in the field, participated in the conference. Bach touched on topics of interest for the cluster activity and the innovation product developed by the scientific team such as full speed for network expansion, digitalization summit – networks, services, connectivity, how to create a digital boost, new concepts for the perfect mix, what is the new with Fiber, DOCSIS and 5G etc. Meetings were held with many companies, Inverto, Sat-Kabel – Teknoline, Teknik Sat, Devolo, YITong technology, Axing, Sedea, Manata, etc. The meetings were fruitful and a good basis for future partnerships was achieved.

By visiting ANGA COM, members got acquainted with the latest developments in the field of Internet of Things, telecommunication systems, video conferencing, server-to-user communications.