A company whose main activity is focused on the construction, management and maintenance of sports facilities and facilities. The company started its operation in early 2016 and is developing at an extremely fast pace. At the moment we have gained extensive experience in the maintenance and renovation of swimming pools, gyms and facilities, as well as in creating conditions for rehabilitation procedures. From the beginning of 2016 and currently Spartak Sport EOOD maintains and modernizes Spartak Swimming Sports Complex, Sofia. For the past five years we have managed to significantly improve the material and technical base of the complex, turning it into a modern one, meeting all hygienic and regulatory requirements, so that it allows both daily training activities and organizing sports and sports events. . We have also created opportunities to provide rehabilitation services, such as massage, yoga and others.

  • Member address: 4 Arsenalski Blvd. 1309 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Legal status: SME
  • VAT: 203865837
  • Representing: Mariana Velkova
  • Member email: spartaksport08@gmail.com
„GAZKOM 93“ Ltd