A non-governmental organization that aims to develop, improve and achieve high quality research, theory and practice in the field of information and in-silico technologies and the transfer of expertise. The association is registered in the Ministry of Education and Science as a scientific organization with a certificate № 18-648 / 26.10.2016 issued by the Ministry of Education and Science. The team of the association has competencies, expertise and extensive experience in ICT, high-performance computing (hardware and software), parallel programming, cloud technology, big data analysis, bioinformatics, in-silico experiments, information systems for medicine, machine learning, 3D visualization in real-time image processing, molecular biology, drug design, and telemedicine.

  • Member address: Sveta Troitsa, bl. 310 1309 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Legal status: NGO
  • VAT: 176996270
  • Representing: Plamenka Borovska
  • Member email: director@insilicointellect.com
Innovation Center for Information and In silico Technology Knowledge Transfer – In silico Intellect