Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alexander Shinkov is a leading specialist in the field of thyroid disease and bone metabolism in USBALE “Acad. Ivan Penchev ”in Sofia. He has numerous additional qualifications – ultrasound, fine-needle biopsy, osteodensitometry; EFES clinical endocrinology; molecular and clinical endocrinology in France, Finland, Germany, USA; clinical densitometry of ISCD and IOF in the Czech Republic; gerontology in Romania; mineral bone diseases in France. He is a member of the Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology, the European Society of Endocrinology, the American Society of Endocrinology, the European and American Thyroid Associations. He has participated in numerous national and international congresses and seminars in the specialty, including as a lecturer. Since 1999 he has had an independent practice as an endocrinologist in Sofia.

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